These aren't just photographs.....they're memories!

I.E.M. Photography

I have been taking photographs for over 20 years and I love the way the different styles have evolved.  Gone are the Family Portraits where every child's hair is combed neatly into place and every face has the same fixed smile.  The best Family Portrait is the one where everyone is having fun - actually enjoying being a family!


A photograph has the rare ability to transport you back to a split second in time and to remind you instantly of all that went on around that moment.


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I provide a wide variety of services, which include portraits, headshots, gigs, commercial and private event photography, product photography.





Event Photography

Whether it's an Awards Ceremony, Birthday Party, Anniversary Celebrations or a Wedding, I will provide you with photographs that tell a story of the event.


These cover not just the key people and moments but also capture the real atmosphere of the day.



Marketing Images

With most businesses having a website now it's important to portray the right image.  Customers like to have a picture of the company they're dealing with so whether it's formal photographs or images showing your fun side, getting your picture out there is important!




Children are always more relaxed in familiar surroundings so your photography session will take place in your home or a location of your choice.  A photograph of all the grandchildren makes a great present; even better would be the Grandparents with all the grandchildren!